I like the thrill.

It’s gonna end how you expected girl you’re such a masochist.


The Weeknd: Thursday

The Weeknd’s “Thursday” mixtape has been released and it’s full of the smooth, slow jams I have come to love and adore. Lead singer Abel is only 21…but age ain’t nothing but a number right? Just found this hilarious infographic on his new cd made by www.TheFader.com.

The Weeknd’s response to this image? Even funnier.

Review of the mixtape soon to come as I have to find some free time this weekend to get in the zone and really get into it. Stay tuned ya random people!

The Weeknd <3

I recently came across the Weekend after a friend made me hunt down a song on his iPhone during a 5 hour roadtrip because it was his new “sex song”. I can admit it was love at first listen and appropriately judged as a perfect “sex song.” Toronto-based R&B singer Abel Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd) melts your heart with his soulful crooning and realistic lyrics on drugs, sex and life. No bullshit, no sugar-coating or censoring- The Weeknd songs are as real and raw as you can get.

And check out the mixtape “House of Balloons” located here!