My Favorite Philly Tradition – Center City Sips!

Summer has begun, which means only one thing: Sips! A summer happy hour tradition that takes place every Wednesday, Sips is the best excuse to get your butt to the city after 5pm and enjoy some awesome drink specials at over 80 locations. “What are the specials Melissa?” you may ask. $5 cocktails, $4 wine, $3 beer and half-priced appetizers. Yup, pretty amazing. One of the best aspects of Sips is that you can visit different restaurants and try delicious cuisines that you normally wouldn’t be able to afford or what not. The prices are so decent that anyone can enjoy the many levels of “happy” achieved from Summertime Wednesday evenings in Philadelphia.  Another perk: free parking all over Philly! My goal one summer was to visit all of the bars/restaurants hosting the Sips special, but I only made it to 1/3 of them. This year, I’m aiming high and going to go for the gold. 🙂

Check out all of the locations and their specials here. To keep up with any Sips updates, make sure to also follow them @CCDSips.



El SIPS Challenge

So I’m always up for a challenge. And this summer, one of my self inflicting challenges will be to go to every SIPS location by the end of the summer. My wallet might not appreciate this battle of the happy hours, but I love going to new places and trying new things. Here is a continuously updated list of all the hot spots I hit around the city. Bon Voyage!

Davios Northern Italian Steakhouse: The food here was amazing! Got their 1/2 appetizers of chicken parm spring rolls and some miracle pasta I forgot the name of. The pasta had a creamy white sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, chicken…the list goes on as my mouth waters. The place itself was classy and had a feeling of New York to it. New York mafia to be exact. Definitely thinking about doing my birthday dinner here perhaps. Once I clear it with Tony Soprano first though…

Davios (17th and Chestnut)

The layout of the restuarant...classy.

APO Bar + Lounge: We happened to come to Apo the day it was raining, so half of the limited seating here was automatically gone (aka their outside balcony seating was closed off). The drinks here were yummy; one was a grapefruit/passionfruit concoction. The overall location was classy and fresh looking, but there was absolutely no space to sit (or stand).

APO Bar + Lounge (13th and Sansom)

Small Yet Modern

Raw Sushi & Sake Lounge: I was so excited that Raw was one of the Sips locations! I was able to try their amazing sushi and appetizers at half the price. Their drink menu was pretty good too with Bubbly and Fruit Saki on their list. The inside was huge! Dark lights, tons of seating and standing area, music and videos on the walls…overall great place to hang out with friends and eat your sushi hearts away. The back room was also a good venue option for possibly throwing a party of some sort…

Raw (12th and Sansom)...Don't mind the garbage bin.

Exciting Interior!