Philly Love Notes!

I randomly found a blog this summer called “Philly Love Notes” and saw that the blogger accepted posts on local Philadelphians and their favorite spots around the city. Being a soccer lover, I had to write about the beautiful turfs at UPenn! My post just went live, so check it out and give Emma (the cool Philly Love Notes blogger) at

Love Note #94: Local blogger Melissa Alam knew there was something special about the soccer fields on PENN’s campus



Renewed Urban Studio Tent (RUST)

I was walking around South Broad Street the other day and came across this empty lot with some odd hut structure. Upon closer review, I noticed the beauty of this ‘hut’ and took a bunch of pictures to share here on my blog. This project really gives a new perspective of turning trash into treasure. To learn more about this, read below and check out this video on their Kickstarter page (where they raised over $3,500 to create this piece of art!

In the summer of 2012 Andy Walker and Andy Heisey intended to build an oblong structure (20’ wide, 8’ deep and 10’ high) using various recycled materials such as wood, newspaper, slag cement, and glass bottles. The project is intended to be participatory during the building process and afterwards as a working studio for artists in the surrounding schools and area. There will be a show of work completed in this space. The whole process will be documented on film.

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The 12 Smelliest Places in Philly (by The Philly Post)


I just came across this article on the 12 Smelliest Places in Philadelphia by author Christine Speer Lejeune, and I had myself a good ole’ chuckle. Here’s the list:

  1. Independence Mall in Old City, where horses meets asphalt.
  2. Roosevelt Boulevard, which smells like cookies when you drive past the old Nabisco factory. “I remember hanging my head out the car window to sniff as a kid!”
  3. I-95 on the way to the airport. “Is it the pollution control plant? OMG.”
  4. 15th and Market. “Smells like doughnuts.”
  5. Subway. Any subway, every subway. Namely the underground stations.
  6. Chinatown. “Chinatown in the rain or the fog smells like hot neon, wet lettuce and old cigarettes.
  7. 19th and JFK. “Smells like an open sewer.” In fact, “sewer” in various places is a popular pick.
  8. Reading Terminal. Famous Fourth’s cookies meets Amish whoopie pies meets flower vendor meets cement meets mingling scents of frying meat and pizza. Is there any better Philly scent mash-up than this?
  9. Dumpsters. Sansom’s hardly the only offender.
  10. 9th Street, between Washington and Christian. “Fish!”
  11. Sarcone’s Bakery.
  12. Temple on 13th Street, now always filled with food truck smells.

I myself will have to add the Gallery at Market East to the list as that place is just a hot mess. Any other hot spots full of odor that you know of in Philly?

The Color Run!

I had the best time participating in Sunday’s Color Run, aka the “happiest 5K on the planet!” Over 20,000 people came out to Ben Franklin Parkway at 7am to run/jog/walk/crawl around Fairmount Park, with a new color being thrown at them at each kilometer. Afterwards, everyone celebrated with some crazy techno dance moves as a party ensued around 9am. I definitely recommend doing this run in your city next year with a bunch of your friends! Check out some pics below from my team “YOLO”. 🙂

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My Favorite Philly Tradition – Center City Sips!

Summer has begun, which means only one thing: Sips! A summer happy hour tradition that takes place every Wednesday, Sips is the best excuse to get your butt to the city after 5pm and enjoy some awesome drink specials at over 80 locations. “What are the specials Melissa?” you may ask. $5 cocktails, $4 wine, $3 beer and half-priced appetizers. Yup, pretty amazing. One of the best aspects of Sips is that you can visit different restaurants and try delicious cuisines that you normally wouldn’t be able to afford or what not. The prices are so decent that anyone can enjoy the many levels of “happy” achieved from Summertime Wednesday evenings in Philadelphia.  Another perk: free parking all over Philly! My goal one summer was to visit all of the bars/restaurants hosting the Sips special, but I only made it to 1/3 of them. This year, I’m aiming high and going to go for the gold. 🙂

Check out all of the locations and their specials here. To keep up with any Sips updates, make sure to also follow them @CCDSips.


Art Star Craft Bazaar

The annual Art Star Craft Bazaar occurred this past weekend over at Penn’s Landing! With over 140 vendors displaying their fantastic products, local Philadelphians had the pleasure of walking around and buying handmade crafts from fellow artists. Check out below for some pictures from the event, and make sure to check out next May’s Craft Bazaar!


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Flea Market Extravaganza!

I love Sweden. I love Swedish people. I love Swedish meatballs. I also love shopping.

Therefore, I will love the American Swedish Historical Museum’s 2nd Annual Flea Market tomorrow (Saturday, September 17th) at FDR Park by the stadium from 9am-2pm. You can also visit the museum for free once you’re down there! For more info, click on the American Swedish Historical Museum here!

Also tomorrow is another huge flea market on 3rd and Pine from 9am-5pm, thanks to Phila Flea Markets. Another location full of potential treasures and new house decorations! The old lady inside me will be coming out, so watch out people.


More treasures!! And really excited vendors!!