Natalie Portman does Dior

Cheesy ou Chic? Personally, I like the Charlize Theron ads more.


Swan Black

Bow chicka wow wow.

Please do yourself a favor and go see Black Swan. It was crazy, neurotic, intriguing, sexy, poetic and did I mention crazy? Natalie Portman perfectly portrays the innocence of the protagonist Nina as she falls into a mindless, psychotic state of mind in hopes of becoming a “perfect” lead ballerina. The correlation of the ballet “Swan Lake” in which Nina performs in and her personal life are dead on; the ending connects both storylines seamlessly into one. The movie left me wanting more (how much of the movie really was reality?) but yet satisfied (Mila Kunis + Natalie Portman). Finding a balance between a naive white swan and a dangerous black swan is my new resolution…and future Halloween costume.

On a lighter note (!), check out this hilarious SNL spoof featuring Jim Carrey. 🙂

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