Turn It Down Please.

This just might be one of the worst representations of females. I mean first we have to suffer through season after season of reality tv nonsense with the Kardashians, and now Kimmy is attempting to sing? Didn’t she learn from her buddy Paris that a singing career is not a good idea? Horrendous. Simply horrendous.


Kim Kardashian Suing Old Navy

<Via Fashionista>

So Kim Kardashian is suing Old Navy for around $15-$20 million for using a model in their ads with a striking similarity to the socialite herself. The model’s name is Melissa Molinaro and she’s actually dating Kim’s ex, Reggie Bush, at the moment as well. I personally don’t think she looks anything like her. I mean, just because she’s a pretty brunette who isn’t starving herself does not mean that she’s an automatic Kim-doppelganger. What’s your take on these two ‘twins’?


Also, check out the Old Navy commercial with Melissa here. After seeing Kim Kardashian’s stint on “Dancing With The Stars,” my vote goes for Melissa for actual talent.