Infographic – Inside The Mind Of A Freelancer

All of my freelancer friends out there, what do you think of this infographic from Mashable this past June? According to the article, being a freelancer isn’t so bad these days. I definitely don’t regret my choice of quitting my full-time job and going rogue. My work/life balance hasn’t been better, I’m able to be my own boss, and I’ve been able to become a more responsible adult in the sense that I don’t just have cash growing on trees to help me with my rent and bills. All in all, going freelance seems to be a common lifestyle choice these days, and I hope you’re all happy going rogue and just ‘doing you!’

“The good news is that according to the study, the longer you freelance, the happier you’ll be beating to your own drum.”


The Weeknd: Thursday

The Weeknd’s “Thursday” mixtape has been released and it’s full of the smooth, slow jams I have come to love and adore. Lead singer Abel is only 21…but age ain’t nothing but a number right? Just found this hilarious infographic on his new cd made by

The Weeknd’s response to this image? Even funnier.

Review of the mixtape soon to come as I have to find some free time this weekend to get in the zone and really get into it. Stay tuned ya random people!