Trying To Win A Gift Card?

Good, because I’m hosting two giveaways on some pretty awesome sites this week. What do I win, you ask? Well, each site is hosting a contest for one lucky reader to win a $50 gift card to – one of my favorite online fashion stores based out of the UK.

Just click on the images below and enter to win! Good luck friends. ūüôā

Contest hosted on magazine!

Contest hosted on magazine!

Streets and Stripes!

Another giveaway hosted on my blogger friend Chaucee’s site – Streets and Stripes!


I love me some LUSH!

Lush for yo face!

So if you haven’t heard of Lush, then you haven’t had a proper bathing. Do your body a huge favor and head to your local Lush store for a smelltastic journey into body, face and hair heaven.

I was able to visit the Lush store at KOP mall this past week, and I had a ball! I mean, this store is the best place to get any female OR male (even my bf loves their soaps and shampoos!) a gift for this holiday season. All of Lush’s products are created naturally and fresh –¬†aka the vanilla and honey you may read on the label is EXACTLY the ingredients you can smell and feel on your body. Pretty amazing, right? (True Story Alert: I might have almost taken a bite out of my “Honey, I Washed The Kids Soap” in the shower once, but who’s to blame me when you smell caramel and honey all over your body?!)

Seanik shampoo!

The Lush line located now at all of their stores features some pretty awesome holiday-themed products with scents and flavors that’ll make you feel like you’re living with Santa! I was able to pick up some samples of North Pole¬†(a¬†chocolate-peppermint soap leaving you feel fresh and clean), FUN in Pink¬†(a 4-in-one bubblegum-smelling, clay-like product you can use as a shampoo, bubble bath, soap or for just plain Fun!), Caca Rouge Henna¬†(so I can get my hurr all nice and “red-dy” for Christmas), and¬†Charity Pot. The great thing about the Charity Pot lotion is not only does it smell and moisturize the body¬†(cocoa butter mmmm), but every penny sold at Lush goes to “fund and support grassroots charities all around the world¬†who could use the helping hand to continue the incredible work that they do. You end up with a gorgeous product, soft skin, and a warm heart.” #awesomesauce

Jars, bottles, dishes…all full of instant loveliness!

After browsing, sniffing, and smelling my way around the store (and also getting a relaxing and therapeutic hand massage by the oh-so-helpful Lush associate shown below), I can say I’ve become a real believer in Lush. Their products are sense-gasms (just made that up, okay?!) and the results you get after using their lines are worth every cent.

They’re all so nice at Lush!

I’ll be writing another review of my visit for, so stay tuned for that!

Fashion At Comic-Con 2012

Nerds around the world united for Hollywood’s top celebrities as they came out for the geekiest event of the year: Comic-Con 2012. Below are some of my favorite outfits from this recent event in San Diego (photos via Red Carpet Fashion Awards¬†& Fashionista):

The awesome color combination award goes to Naya Rivera for her Razan Alazzouni grey top, electric-blue H&M high-waist pencil skirt, and neon-yellow Giuseppe Zanotti pumps. Nothing says punk rock chic more than some neon heels with a side of sophistication.

Mila Kunis looks ultra comfortable in her jeans, blazer and tank. She doesn’t look like she’s trying too hard and decided to play it safe. Not a shabby idea Mila!

Jessica Biel pulls off an updated 2012 Barbie look for Comic-Con as she wears a white Mugler PVC pencil skirt, a semi-sheer T-shirt and neon pink Brian Atwood pumps to add that nice pop of color! Sure this outfit got all the comic lovers excited he he.

My Favorite Summer Looks

Eva Mendes in a floral Peter Som maxi dress. Love the belt to cinch the look together!

Penelope Cruz wearing a navy, Hakaan jumpsuit. She can actually pull it off!

Mila Kunis in a white, Louis Vuitton dress. White is always a classic choice...and not to mention the pop star arm candy with her. Droool.

Kerry Washington in an acid green, Michael Kors dress. Love the punch of neon this summer!

Stay tuned for some more of my favorite summer looks coming soon!

Color POP!

The whole color block fiasco is over, but a good sense of color popping is always appreciated in my eyes! Here are some of my favorite color combinations, because being emo and wearing black is soooo 2010.

Olivia Wilde in an oceanic blue combo.

Emmy Rossum in a great red/plum slitty dress.

Emma Stone in a two-toned coral/red dress.

Camilla Belle in colorific-outfit! Love this look!