Wolverine…or Two Batmen?

One Hugh Jackman vs Two Christian Bales....tough choice man.

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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Batman is baccckkkkkkkk! Christopher Nolan is a genius by the way. Mad props to this director. And yay for adding Catwoman to this movie! I’m trying to figure out who the other villains are, but overall this movie looks great. If it’s anything like the last one (The Dark Knight) with the non-stop action and amazing fight scenes, then this movie will be another favorite in my book!

P.S. Droooool Christian Bale.

P.P.S. The movie comes out next summer in 2012. Teardrop. The Mayans better not eff this up for us.

Images like this are exactly why I graphic design. I mean the intensity through the design of this movie poster is completely inspirational. Graphics like these are my muse in life.

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