Dear Creative Directors at Spencers…

I was going through my daily dose of and came across this article: “Spencer’s Gifts Hate Women.” Some of this holiday gift shirts are pretty appalling and really not necessary. Do guys think they’ll become the ‘shit’ by wearing these around town? I can only imagine the d-bags at college campuses stocking up on these and gleaming when they get that high five from fellow d-bags as they walk down the hall in Spencers honor. Do they not realize that people that wear these shirts are demeaning females including their mom, sisters, cousins, etc. Men need to grow up and realize that this type of mindset is really a turn off for the female population. So please, creative directors at Spencers…get some more creativity. Take a look below for more photos of these great photos!

Well, phew I wasn't sure where the guidebook was.

Well, phew I wasn’t sure where the guidebook was.

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Trying To Win A Gift Card?

Good, because I’m hosting two giveaways on some pretty awesome sites this week. What do I win, you ask? Well, each site is hosting a contest for one lucky reader to win a $50 gift card to – one of my favorite online fashion stores based out of the UK.

Just click on the images below and enter to win! Good luck friends. 🙂

Contest hosted on magazine!

Contest hosted on magazine!

Streets and Stripes!

Another giveaway hosted on my blogger friend Chaucee’s site – Streets and Stripes!

Mindy Kaling on "Why You Need a Man, Not a Boy"

Sooo, I love Mindy Kaling. Not only is she a South Asian female in the Hollywood spotlight (finally!!), but she’s also a hilariously, independent woman and my role model. Glamour did a little excerpt from her great book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, and I thought I’d share since it’s full of some great advice. Keep reading below and let me know, do you prefer boys or men? 🙂

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