Bucket List

The following is a continuously updated list of things I want to achieve or experience before I die. If you have any suggestions of something outrageous or new for me to add on, feel free! I always love a challenge. ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Eat a crepe from that amazing crepe truck outside of the art school. (I finally did it and oh my goodness are they delicious!!)
2. Organize and throw at least 4-5 more successful events around campus.
3. Meet more people with different majors. (There are really a ton of funny ass people not in the business school!)
4. Fall in love, not lust.
5. Teach other people to be confident successfully.
6. Go to the Grease Truck at Rutgers. (Just came back from Rutgers and the trucks are ridiculous! Everything you can possible stuff in a roll is in those sandwiches. I chose the “Fat Bitch”, typical…)
7. Make up for lost time with friends.
8. Show the world that no matter how much you bash the Green, we’ll still prevail and be on top. ๐Ÿ˜‰
9. Feed a homeless person at every subway stop. (Thanks amoo amoo).
10. Stand up for myself and for what I deserve. 2nd place is so last season.
11. Go to a John Legend concert…or any concert with a sexy man singing to me. This year has been amazing. I’ve seen Wale, J.Cole, Musiq, Keri Hilson, the Dream, Maroon 5 and more in concert!
12. This is probably too late, but see Avatar in 3D haha. (Watching it on my brother’s HD TV is good enough for me!)
13. Successfully learn how to rap. I’ve been practicing, but shit’s tough.
14. Learn Flash and other cool website tricks!
15. Make cool websites with newly learned tricks.
16. Try more ethnic food around campus. That Korean Jawn by the SAC has been eyeing me. (I’ve had a ton of ethnic treats all semester!)
17. Go to a Strip Club with friends. Something nice and trashy. Just went to a classy joint in DC! Got some dolla bills and put them in a few of my fave strippers panty lines. Pretty eventful experience.
18. Move on. (Dontcha just love closure?)
19. Sell things I don’t use on Craigslist and cash in!
20. Get a driver’s license…yes I know pathetic Finally passed on my 4th try! Now I’m a driving machine!
21. Buy something expensive and fabulous…and feel no guilt. Coach Wristlet!
22. Taste new beers. IPA’s use to taste awful to me, but I’m down to reconsider. I’ve tasted soooo many types of beers now and have decided never to judge a liquid by it’s cover…well, never judge a beer actually. IPAs, amber ales, lager, hefeweizens…yummm
23. Make friends, not frenemies. And no bromances either. Damn you Hills!


6 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. I especially love 10 and 11…if you find tickets to a john legend concert I will be right there with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Your blog bucket kills me 1/4 of the things were about food althought to be fair you did talk about giving away food in one and 7 I can dig it =)

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