Dr. Seuss Quotes For The Win.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss Quotes For The Win.

  1. 1. Yes, I am me. The only me!!! Isn’t that pleasent?
    2. I think, I can THINK.
    3. Yes, Fun is good; but Shopping is better.
    4. I think and wonder, Who am I?
    5. I stink.
    6. I think, I have brains; but I carry it in my hands all the time.
    7. It is better to buy books, and then not to read.
    8. I am a person, but a hobbit.
    9. My questions are not that complicated; but my answers to mom gets complicated.
    I don’t know why?
    10. I want to sat what I mean to mom; but it gets complicated.
    11. Yes, something BIG is out here; I want to go there.
    12. Every morning, I promoise that I will try to be good with mom.
    13. “From there to here, and here to there” – I always move in circle. And it’s FUN!!!
    14. The life of Pi with mom is a great balancing Act. I am alawys amazed.
    15. Yes, I am Me. But an endangered species.

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