Of Monsters and Men – “Love Love Love “

True to my hipster, indie music craze, I’ve recently gotten into the sounds of the 6-person Icelandic band called “Of Monsters and Men.” Above is one of their singles called “Love Love Love,” which (if you can’t tell already) I love love love. The female vocalist, Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, has a really timid yet unique voice that is a really good fit for rainy evenings or long road trips through the countryside, while the overall music meshes the melodies of typical folk sounds with some mellow, indie vibes.

Of Monsters and Men had an album come out this past year called My Head Is An Animal that is definitely worth checking out. Songs like Little Talks and Slow and Steady are my current favorites. For more information on them, check out their official website here. AND for those of you located in Philly, they’ll be performing for FREE this Saturday, July 28th at the Piazza in NoLibs! Hosted by Radio 104.5 as part of their Summer Block Parties series, this is a free concert from 3:45pm-7pm. Popular Philly music blog, The Swollen Fox, has a great write-up on the band’s past performance at the TLA this past April AND their setlist  here: “Of Monsters and Men played two nights at the TLA.”

Enjoy my fellow Icelandic band lovers!

6’s a crowd!


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