Room Inspiration Poll

So I need to figure out a direction I want to go in for decorating my new room. I have a few ideas, but once I get down to one, it’ll make my life much easier when I go out thrifting and shopping. My main goal is to make this place an actual “grownup” room, not something amateur and poorly put together. Please vote and make my life a little easier!


2 thoughts on “Room Inspiration Poll

  1. I like Parisian but I think the pastels or classics would suit YOU best, i feel like those are more your style. I love nautical but that’s very summer specific, if you were living in a beach house i’d say go for it, but you’re not and in a living space it’ll get old real quick. Arabian’s cool but you have a really big room and i could see that type of decor getting expensive…maybe in the future when you wanna upgrade or make it over you can switch. pastels and classics will also give you more options, you can even blend the two using pastels to accent your black and white, like a nice lavender…i know you like your purples! 😀 this is a response to your fb post btw hahaha happy shopping, show me errythingggg !

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