Rainbow Cake


So colorful!

<Via One Charming Party>




Tear drop. Tomorrow is the season finale. I hate how True Blood does summer seasons. Makes the rest of my 9 months of the year miserable. I repeat, tear drop.

When is the best time to buy something?

Shop wisely!

Found this cool infographic via Savings.com on when to purchase certain things for the best deals throughout a normal year. It goes as granular by what day you should buy certain items. Pretty cool info to keep in mind for larger purchases! Just remember to purchase your champagne and hardware ONLY in June. Or else…

Room Inspiration Poll

So I need to figure out a direction I want to go in for decorating my new room. I have a few ideas, but once I get down to one, it’ll make my life much easier when I go out thrifting and shopping. My main goal is to make this place an actual “grownup” room, not something amateur and poorly put together. Please vote and make my life a little easier!