In case you were wondering what my new job entailed…

Here is a great infographic that explains what I do. In a nutshell. Well sorta. Like everything, there’s more to it, which I am still learning and exploring. But for now, this is my new job. Ess Eee O. Otherwise known as SEO. I feel like a school girl on the playground during recess, looking off into the distant where Seo (pronounced for this analogy’s purpose “sea-o”), the new heartthrob transfer student plays some intense dodgeball on the turf. Alongside him are his buddies, Google, Yahoo and Bing–three normal dudes who would rather spend their recess time linking up with each other and gossiping about some new playground trend than play against Seo. Instead, they are all stuck against each other in a game of cut-throat dodgeball. Stakes are high, but my money goes towards PeePee Cee, the bully of the school. He grew up very spoiled and always trying to outbid everyone in the lunchroom. I mean, seriously, that PB&J may be a hot keyword for lunch, but was it really worth all that money? Either way, my positive energy is all going towards Seo–my official new crush o’ the year.

Disclaimer: I’m bored and attempted to create a fictional storyline about my job. Maybe I should have bought that Groupon for therapy sessions….maybe.




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