National Geographic’s- “The Face of Seven Billion”

In a world of 7 billion people, who is the most typical? National Geographic recently did a study to find the most typical human on the planet. By compiling different statistics, they came to the conclusion that the world’s most typical person is a 28 year old Han Chinese Man. They then composited images of over 190,000 images of this type of person and made their own photo. Pretty interesting concept. Check out the video here:<via National Geographic>

And the picture:

Interesting concept, I wonder what his name would be?


3 thoughts on “National Geographic’s- “The Face of Seven Billion”

  1. Reminds me of a time David Suzuki was talking about how after a lecture on genetics that included the possibility of merging all humans into one race, a bunch of white guys all walked up to him and said how wonderful it would be if the whole world was white. He said he didn’t have the heart to tell them that if he was in charge everyone would look like they came from Asia. Maybe he had the fellow above in mind? šŸ™‚

  2. Exactly! The future of the world is not just black or white, it has to be something in between! People need to be more open-minded (and less in an Aryan-state of mind) to understand that most of the world’s population comes from Asia. Let’s give more credit where it deserves!

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