20 Ways To Enjoy VDay ALONE

<via SheKnows>

How to enjoy Valentine’s Day alone:
1. Get a massage or a facial
2. Go shopping and buy yourself a gift
3. Read a good book
4. Go to the movies
5. Learn how to play a new video game
6. Take a drive out of town
7. Give yourself a pedicure
8. Eat popcorn for dinner and rent a movie
9. Write in your journal
10. Head to Vegas
11. List all the exes you are thankful not to be with
12. Adopt a puppy
13. Send flowers to yourself
14. Cook your favorite meal and eat it
15. Rent a room at fancy hotel
16. Enjoy a good bottle of wine
17. Volunteer
18. Relax in a bubble bath
19. Buy yourself a new sex toy and masturbate
20. Don’t go online all day



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