Coach Wristlets

are seen everywhere. Everyone and their mom has one. Which is why I never really got into that trend. All I needed was a bag or clutch that fit both my phone and camera, and I was happy. But working in a building with a Macy’s on the ground floor always had me sighing to myself. What if? What if I just got something from inside those shiny and clear cases to represent my assimilation into overly priced fashion?

So, alas, I finally made the plunge. I took it as a symbolic gesture of happy endings and new beginnings. This Coach Wristlet was bought at a fantastic price due to a gift card I received a month ago, so my tell-tale heart is beating more “ooo la la” than guilt. Hopefully this is the start of something great and new; something fresh and symbolic of my step away from undergrad and into adulthood. But hey, if all else fails, at least I have a great little pink accessory to hold my phone, camera and dreams.

The front. Nice extra pocket for breath mints.

The colors make me happy.


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