Heineken: Inspire

Fun Time!

I attended one of the best events in Philadelphia this past Saturday: Heineken Inspire. Taking place at the TLA on South Street, Heineken sponsored some fabulous musicians in an amazing VIP-style event. Free beers all around the theater, free tshirt screenprinting with Heineken designs and even a chance to create your own VIBE magazine cover! The music was my main reason for attending because I’m a huge fan of J.Cole and Musiq Soulchild. Opening acts include the famous DJ Jazzy Jeff and Marsha Ambrosious who even gave us a sneak peak of her ballad on Wale’s Dairy track. I even got to meet Musiq at the end of the event in an alleyway! All in all, summer has a lot to live up to after this amazing (and did I mention Free!?) concert.

Thank you Heineken, you’ve truly inspired me.

The set


Sigh my dreams have come true. I've seen J.Cole in concert. šŸ™‚


Super close to Musiq

Even closer. Bada bing, bada boom I met Musiq Soulchild!


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