Great Expectations

So when has motivation in a person been so hard to find? When has that spark to trigger a sense of intrigue and inspiration in the opposite sex been so lit out? I’ve been meeting a lot of people lately that say they want this and that, yet when it comes to delivering…baby, it’s DiGiorno’s.

My advice, fix your life before committing to being someone you’re not. So many people come and go through my life that have such high aspirations to be a better person, but what I see is the person they are at the moment. That “Ken” doll ideal is as close to happening as me becoming your Barbie. Keep it real, keep it classy and just work hard. An A for effort is always better than a C you later. God, I need to stop trying to be so damn witty sometimes…

Hey, I lie and say I'm a real boy, but at least I got this long...hard...nose. Even Pinocchio was a disappointment.


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