R.I.P. Bike

my bike got stolen. i’m gonna pretend not to be upset because i might be getting a new bike soon from craigslist, but damn that bike was the shit. the gears were amazing and damn, that was a nice ass mountain bike. i mean it was a little big so sometimes i had to jump on it when i got on, but hey we all have our faults. im stupid for leaving it out there by itself like a lone soulja. damn you north philly! damn you society of bikeless bengalis that i now have to join! damn you wheel attached to a bike lock!

note to self: do not walk with spare wheel and lock in front of people. it’s too embarrassing…

Thanks Mya for capturing this devastating moment


One thought on “R.I.P. Bike

  1. Still feel bad. At least you still have a wonderful sense of humor. 🙂

    Look for your bike on Craigslist. Since you registered it at the police station then there is a good chance you can destroy the person that stole it. ..If they’re dumb enough to 1. sell it on craigslist and 2. leave the TU registration on the bike.

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