I love how Facebook determines all your actual relationships for you. I mean it’s like a virtual matchmaker when a simple poke represents a Joey-esqe, “Hey, how you doin?”, and pressing the defriend button is like committing the ultimate crime to one’s soul. If you aren’t friends on Facebook, then hell to the no are you friends in “real” life. If you don’t post on someone’s Wall for a while, that person starts to think that you’ve abandoned them. In actuality, if they don’t call, text or talk to you in person, then maybe you should really reconsider how real your friendship is with them. Because like the British say, Americans are a bunch of fake people.

On that note, if I hear or read one more “lol” I might just bust a cap in someone’s face. I prefer to say “ha ha” because that is the actual noise I would be making spelled out. No one lols when you make a joke, you laugh and exclaim “ha ha Timmy, you got me there!” I don’t know, I guess it’s another thing that grinds my gears!


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