Friendship is a relationship where even if you have your worst fights over serious (or non-serious) topics, you’ll still find a way to make it up to each other. Friendship is trusting each other. Yes, some things about the other person might annoy you or leave your gears a little grinded, but at the end of the day you’d rather not care about the other’s imperfections because he/she means the world to you. Friendship is not something you forget about and replace the second a shiny, new dick steps into your life spitting mad game and fresh lyrics. Friendship is not something you can play around with and tease until the person on the other end is left confused and hanging. Friendship shouldn’t mean making life difficult for the person you call your “friend.” You should go above and beyond for friendship, because you know that your friend will treat you the same way no matter what. Lies, dishonesty, backstabbing and competition need not apply with a friend. I’ve had so many acquaintances in life, but rarely any true “friends.”


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